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Quantum pulls all of our core investment capabilities into a single, simple, effective package for you and your organization. When it comes to helping you achieve your goals, we believe that smart decisions are driven by strong evidence. We take an evidence-driven approach, regularly inspecting and analyzing the key factors affecting your desired outcomes, and creating opportunities and strategies to help reach them.


Quantum Strategies can position your fiduciary responsibilities with the largest amount of relief available with our 401k Administrative Services. Our retirement planning experts work with you to review your existing plans or assist with establishing new plans. Quantum’s 401k consulting group acts as the investment fiduciary 3(38) and works with the board to determine if an administrative fiduciary 3(16) is desirable.

Offering a retirement plan to your employees can be a competitive component in assisting with employee retention. Making a retirement plan a part of your employee’s benefits package can position you to attract and retain top talent. The employees participating in the plan, their beneficiaries and you, the employer, all benefit when a retirement plan is in place.



Administering the plan and managing the assets require certain actions and involve specific responsibilities to be in compliance with ERISA. One requirement has been expanded as recent regulations require more comprehensive written disclosures by service providers to 401k plan fiduciaries. The result has been additional burden on the plan fiduciary to act prudently and solely in the best interest of the plan’s participants and beneficiaries when selecting or monitoring plan service providers.

This increased level of liability positions an employer as the plan fiduciary with needing to provide employees access to specific, unbiased investment advice. Meeting your fiduciary responsibilities can be challenging and complex, with an increasing level of liability and risk of lawsuits for the plan sponsor.

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Also referred to as the outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) model, implemented consulting, discretionary outsourcing or fiduciary management. Our approach positions Quantum as your professional investment staff, supplying financial advice and managing your investments. We provide the fiduciary oversight on selecting the proper asset allocation mix with a keen eye for implementing and monitoring the performance and risk of your investment portfolio. This provides our clients with the asset management and staff resources to take on tactical investing and realize opportunistic dealings.

We focus on your total portfolio performance, beyond simply assets and asset allocation. This approach combines asset allocation, manager selection, and dynamic portfolio management. We listen and respond to your needs, regularly inspecting and analyzing the key factors that can affect your portfolio, making sure our decisions are based on strong evidence in the pursuit of successful long-term outcomes. You will benefit from our experiences working with some of the world’s most sophisticated investors.


With a client-focused approach to investing, Quantum provides sound, individually designed investment strategies to meet specific income and growth objectives. We combine the global reach of Wall Street with the personal approach of Main Street.

We work with you to determine your requirements for income, growth, liquidity, and preservation of capital, while analyzing your risk tolerance, time and tax constraints. The financial picture that emerges serves as a framework for a portfolio that fulfills your investment objectives. From an institutional perspective, we offer a multi-asset approach powered by core capabilities created in response to customers’ needs: capital market insights, manager research, portfolio construction, portfolio implementation, and indexes.

From a personal perspective, we analyze your investment objectives in relationship to your existing portfolio, other liquid and non-liquid assets. In effect we evaluate your entire personal balance sheet to determine your total risk exposures.

– Once we have a complete understanding, we develop an investment strategy to be consistent with your objectives.
– Utilizing a unique investment selection process, we evaluate companies and funds (managed externally and internally) to fit your growth and fixed income needs.
– Working as independent advisors, we are able to give clients objective advice and choose investment options in order to build a diversified portfolio.
– We are proactive and continually review your portfolio to monitor risk and return.
– We look for high quality investment options that provide consistent growth over time.
– We communicate regularly with clients, providing updates, trends and other important financial news as well as quarterly reports.
We recognize the money we manage represents the hard work and savings of real people like you. If your institution represents a non-profit organization, we understand that the money needs to be there in the long run to fulfill important missions. We understand what’s at stake. That’s why we work to deliver real, lasting value.



We believe that markets contain inefficiencies which can be exploited by hedge fund managers who exhibit the skill necessary to deliver excess returns. We believe that the global, dynamic, and repeatable research process can identify such investment skill.

We believe that we are able to identify the most talented managers across what we consider to be the best strategies globally, and ensure that we capture these managers during their best periods. We are able to manage investment risk through ongoing monitoring and due diligence which helps us to avoid unrewarded risks.



Private equity investing should always deliver an illiquidity premium when compared against public equity market investing. Our investment-led process has been refined to focus on high-conviction private equity strategies with risk-return profiles that have rewarded illiquidity in the past, and where we believe that a supply and demand imbalance between the need for investment and available capital will persist in the future.

To deliver an illiquidity premium we are focused on what we believe to be best-in-class investments, giving you choice on how to access Private Equity and how involved you want to be in the investment decisions.


We focus on investing in strategies where there is a genuine need for private capital, and which we believe can compensate for the illiquidity associated with private equity investing. We have the depth of knowledge and are also able to dedicate significant time into screening the manager universe in these four areas to ensure access to ‘best-in-class’ managers globally.


Our team’s manager selection process is founded on a wealth of experience, strong industry knowledge, and a comprehensive due diligence process. This process, combined with our sector expertise, facilitates the identification and selection of what we consider to be the best and most appropriate managers.


Our team’s expertise in their core areas of conviction often means we are able to gain access to exclusive, institutional-quality opportunities with leading private equity groups. We are then able to deliver these opportunities to our clients in a variety of ways according to their needs and desire for involvement.


We take a consultative, partnership-driven approach to help ensure that you have access to what we believe to be best-in-class real estate investment opportunities globally. These opportunities include commercial real estate in global gateway cities, niche hard assets, and diversified fund opportunities delivered by carefully selected sector experts.


By identifying and partnering with local asset managers in target regions, we can often uncover compelling opportunities in highly restrictive and segmented markets.


You benefit from our strong structuring capability which seeks to maximize asset efficiency and investment return potential with a broad and comprehensive range of support services.



We believe that inefficiencies exist in opaque and illiquid real estate markets, and using local networks and asset managers can help to uncover compelling and mispriced investment opportunities. As mispricing is both capital and income related, this creates an opportunity for enhanced returns and low volatility which – coupled with creative deal sourcing, intelligent structuring and management – can unlock and maximize hidden value potential.