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Quantum Strategies provides flexible and comprehensive HR services that allow your organization to focus on its core mission while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the HR function. We do this by aligning HR services with the needs of your organization. Our transformation service is focused on optimizing our clients’ return on investment in HR. We help our clients deliver HR business values and improved services at a lower cost.

The importance of having robust HR capabilities has become increasingly more important.

The myriad of ever-changing regulations can make an already challenging situation even more demanding. Quantum’s team of HR professionals becomes an extension of your staff. Depending on your current HR capabilities, we can provide specialized capabilities to supplement your current team or provide for a more holistic approach.

Quantum evaluates your current HR processes and technology and then develops strategies to optimize efficiency in the department and integrate the solution across your entire organization. We utilize a combination of proprietary and non-proprietary technology, which are customized and integrated 360 degrees. This turnkey solution encompasses design, conversion and implementation of a system to make the HR department more efficient and responsive to all stakeholders. Quantum’s unique value proposition eliminates the need to have multiple silo vendors that cost more, provide less integration and become extremely difficult to manage. Quantum provides the best in breed technologies, builds the required integrations, provides a team to perform the conversion and then provides the staff needed to manage and or operate the HR department.


Organizations need to evaluate existing and ever changing regulations in a wide variety of areas. The impact of these compliance requirements places a substantial burden on firms to stay on top of these regulations such as: Affordable Care Act, Family Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Equal Employment Opportunity, Minimum Wage, Right to Know Act, etc. Staying up to date on these regulations can be time consuming and costly. The cost of non-compliance can cripple an organization, so investing the required resources in non-revenue producing activities may not be practical, leaving an organization at risk. Solving this conundrum is why Quantum’s transformation group was formed and is thriving. Quantum’s skilled HR team transforms your environment to deal with compliance requirements. Our team offers an expansive assessment process, provides the knowledge to be able to gather relevant information and utilizes experienced judgment to determine whether events or processes comply with current laws, regulations or standards. The Quantum approach manages the burden that these regulations place on employers and assures compliance.


Quantum’s HR team provides a wide portfolio of services to compliment your existing HR team and delivers an efficient and effective avenue for the many tasks involved with comprehensive compensation and benefits administration. This includes recruitment, new hire on-boarding, salary and compensation analysis, managing HR files and payroll applications, and administering a well-rounded benefits package. Quantum Strategies’ robust HR services provide for the expertise and proficient resources to administer your organization’s HR management needs. The Quantum team assists with implementing the best practices for managing privacy requirements and employee documentation. Payroll administration and integration with an organization’s overall HR Information Management System are key components of a well-organized and efficient HR practice. The evaluation and governance of your benefits program is critical to employee retention. Analyzing and assisting with a wide range of benefits such as medical, disability, life and retirement is part of the Quantum advantage. The Quantum team becomes an extension of your existing HR staff to ease your administrative burdens and streamline your overall HR environment. These activities provide the capture of critical information to assist with making management decisions. This actionable data provides for informed decision making capabilities to affect better forecasting, identify and analyze trends, and establish a reliable and accurate cost structure to better manage your business.


Quantum recognizes the overall importance of employee retention for your well-qualified work force. Quantum’s HR experts specialize in working with you to establish critical areas of employee engagement. Effective employee outreach programs provide employees with important health and wellness programs that increase employee satisfaction and overall health. Employee financial wellness education seminars can position your employees for improved financial security. These types of programs provide for increased employee satisfaction and overall commitment to your organization. The Quantum team can provide critical communication expertise for employees regarding orientation programs, work issues, company policies, benefits understanding and overall on-going employee interaction. Quantum resources also assist with improving employee performance appraisal processes and policy development. All of which align your organization for increased employee engagement, which leads to increased employee retention—driving down employee costs and bending the cost curve for supporting employee benefits.


Quantum’s enhanced capabilities deliver the opportunity for your organization to recognize and mange key employee resources. Beyond employee engagement, our team understands that you need to develop and retain key contributors to your organization. Quantum brings to bear expertise to evaluate and develop management style and leadership potential in your organization, as well as identify management succession. We also provide programs for executive coaching and leadership development to better engage existing talent and identify future high value contributors. It is often these “intangibles” that can make the difference between retaining and highly respected talent and losing these individuals to competitors. Quantum’s experienced and veteran staff understands the importance of talent management and is committed to working with your organization to establish the foundation for retaining and developing your most important employee assets.